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Safety and Security Products & Solutions

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TISSCO was one of the first to identify that Safety and Security are essential portfolios in the Growth oriented Industrial State and thus set up their own specialized division to cater to the Safety and Security needs of the Government/Business organizations in this area.
Starting with the basic Fire Extinguishers  TISSCO now can cater to the most complex Safety and Security requirements of any Industry or a project or any business undertaking to care for the welfare of their employees as well as the safety of the General Public by working closely with the Civil Defense of the country.
The products offered include Personal Protective Apparel to Rescue Equipments in the case of massive natural or man-made calamities. Simple industrial masks to sophisticated Decontamination units, Traffic Safety Products to Photo luminescent signs, Emergency Escape Devices, Gas Detectors to Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus, etc

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Wide range of products offered by Safety and Security Products & Solutions Division.

  • Explosion Proof Rechargeable Torches
  • Explosion Proof Mobile Phones and Torches
  • Scaffold Management Systems
  • Fall Arrest Systems
  • Backup Alarms, Lightbars, Strobe, Rotating and LED Beacons
  • Hydraulic Rescue Equipments
  • Emergency Showers, Eyebath and Facewash equipment, Decontamintation showers, etc.
  • Head Protection & Hearing Products, Eye and Face Protection Products, Respiratory Protection Products, Road Safety Products, Spill Management Products
  • Safety Shoes, Boots, Glasses and Gloves for Industrial Workers
  • Fire Extinguishers
  • Gas Detertors, Breathing Apparatus
  • Photo Luminescent Safety Signs
  • Military Binoculars
  • Fire Detection Systems
  • Fire Resistant Safes & Cabinets
  • Fire Hoses, Fittings and Accesories
  • CCTV and Access Control Systems
  • Fire Suppression and Sprinkler Systems
  • Passive Fire Protection Material for Structureal Steel Buildings
  • Product, Facility, & Safety Identification Solutions

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Supply of various safety & security products including various minerals and industrial products.

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Safety and Security Products & Solutions Division

Bldg. No. 145,
25, B-Ring Road, Al-Urouba,
Doha, Qatar
Tel : +974.44694313, 44694982, 44687493
Fax : +974.44694738
Email: ssp@tissco-qatar.com

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Regular Working Hours :

7:00 am - 12:00 pm (Saturday until Thursday)

2:00 pm - 8:00 pm (Saturday until Thursday)


Ramadan :

7:00 am - 1:00 pm (Saturday until Thursday)

7:00 pm - 9:00 pm (Saturday until Thursday)

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