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TISSCO now offers Fire Extinguisher Testing, Servicing & Refilling Services

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TISSCO is pleased to announce that we have set up a Fire Extinguisher Testing, Servicing and Refilling Services at our Service Hub at Street No. 52, Salwa Industrial Area. This has been specifically put up with the technical assistance from M/s. Mobiak SA, Greece, the leaders in Fire Extinguishers technology in Europe.

In addition, TISSCO has facility to have on-site inspection carried out on Fire Extinguishers.
Thus, we can offer the following facilities :

  • Inspect the installations and suggest any modifications / changes required in the Fire Extinguisher location.
  • Suggest Fire Extinguisher Units to be serviced and/or taken into our facilities for further inspection.
  • Inspect Fire Extinguisher Casings
  • Service and refill reusable Cases in good condition with Foam, CO2 or dry powder, as the case may be.
  • Final testing and confirm that Fire Extinguishers will be in working condition for specific period.
  • Where necessary, supply new Fire Extinguisher.
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